Azlan Launches Mentori Support Program

Azlan Technology Solutions is launching a program to support partners in transforming to solutions, services and cloud-led business models.

The value distributor has developed the Azlan Technology Solutions Mentori Program to give partners practical advice and pro-active support on moving from business models that depend largely on core hardware sales and software licensing revenues, to ones that generate recurring managed services and cloud subscription income and additional revenues from selling new technologies such as hybrid infrastructure, converged and composable systems, mobility and security solutions.

The Program will provide partners with exclusive access to expert business mentors in key areas, such as defining a growth strategy and blueprint, building a cloud and services proposition, and developing systems and processes.

It has been created in collaboration with established expert organisations and partners, including CompTIA, EuroLAN, IDC, TSIA and Service Leadership.

Stephen Cant, director, Enterprise, Infrastructure and Communications EMEA for Azlan Technology Solutions, said: “Partners are keenly aware of the need to set a new direction for their business and adopt a solutions, cloud and services-oriented approach that will deliver predictable and profitable growth. But there is little or no guidance on offer to help them do that. The Azlan Technology Solutions Mentori Program will not only show them how they can change, it will also give them access to real tools and subject matter experts to accelerate their transformation, and provide them with constant business support as they do.”

Every partner on the program will be given a tailored transition path and access to expert executive coaching and other resources over a 12-month cycle.

“The whole aim of the Mentori Program is to help partners understand, plan and accelerate their migration and time to revenue, by providing the expertise, support and resources they need to transform their businesses for solutions, managed and cloud-based, services-led models”, said Cant. “That is undoubtedly where the future lies and we see it as being our role to help partners complete that journey quickly and effectively. To take their businesses in a new direction that will ensure they can achieve predictable and profitable growth.”

The program will also help resellers to align their strategies with the direction now being taken by key vendors, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Cant noted. “Major enterprise vendors such as HPE – as illustrated by its acquisition of Nimble Storage – are now very much moving towards a hybrid infrastructure approach that embraces cloud, mobility, software-defined, intelligent edge and advanced security solutions. Being on the Mentori Program will enable resellers to build their capabilities and move their businesses in the same direction.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine