Azzurri Goes Whole Nine Yards with TeleWare

TeleWare, the leading provider of intelligent hosted and customer premises communication solutions to businesses and service providers, today announced that Azzurri has signed contracts as the first full portfolio partner.

Azzurri will be promoting the full range of solutions available from TeleWare which means that they can offer their clients a choice of IP based voice products, covering on-premises, hosted and mobile solutions, ensuring that customers are provided with a solution that best meets their business needs. Customers can now benefit from the flexibility and scalability of hosted telephony, whilst still utilising on-premises telephony for continuity in times of disruption – all as part of the same solution.

TeleWare is a valuable addition to our portfolio of products,” said Eric Thickett, Director of Professional Services, Azzurri. “We have already had strong interest from the retail sector and our first project is due for installation in the next few weeks at Triple Eight, which will include hosted telephony and private mobile network capabilities,” added Thickett.

“Azzurri, as an independent system integrator, is able to offer truly independent solutions without any tie in between application and hardware vendor. This makes this a very significant development for mid market and corporate customers, many of whom will have had experience of the promises and issues of solutions coming from multi vendor product development partnerships, said Peter Orr, Sales Director for TeleWare. “Working with systems integrators such as Azzurri, customers can be confident that the solution they are being offered will be supported, the applications will be hardware independent and that features and functionality will be deliverable today,” added Orr.

The TeleWare solutions available from Azzurri include hosted telephony applications over both IP and digital networks, enterprise on-premises applications able to support mixed vendor networks and well positioned to assist with TDM to IP migration, and private mobile networks capability for fixed mobile convergence and mobile office solutions.

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