Bababoo Makes Smartphones Smarter

If smart phones are so smart, why can’t they automatically use the Internet when available to provide low-cost and free calling? Now they can. Bababoo, a new telecommunications company, today unveiled the world’s first “intelligent” calling app for iPhones, which provides mobile customers with seamless calling access via WiFi, 3G and carrier networks so they can save money effortlessly.

One simple app does it all. No need to choose a network or change your caller ID. You just dial and Bababoo takes care of the rest.

A survey of customers who used Bababoo between January 1 – April 15, 2011 reveals that the average person saved $23 per month by making free calls to other Bababoo members, placing low-cost Internet calls to domestic and international locations, and dropping to lower carrier plan levels. The only thing that users did differently was call via Bababoo instead of their standard iPhone dialer. “We are very excited to be able to release Bababoo more broadly,” said Buck French, Chief Executive of Bababoo. “Beyond the pure savings our initial customers achieved, they reported better coverage as well as a hassle-free experience.”

Serving the millions of consumers in search of cheaper per-minute prices than what their carriers provide, the patented Bababoo Intelligent Calling Service is as easy to use as the standard iPhone dialer (watch video). While a customer’s phone number, contacts and Caller ID remain the same, Bababoo takes call routing to a whole new level. Rather than providing just a single path through the mobile carrier, the Bababoo Intelligent Calling Service automatically discovers whether or not the phone is connected to the Internet (WiFi or 3G).

If on the Internet, calls to other “on net” Bababoo users are free. Calls to land lines or non-Bababoo numbers are charged as low as two cents per minute in the US, and Bababoo provides international rates that are much more competitive than mobile carriers. A case in point: A US-based mobile caller is charged the standard rate of $1.69 to call an O2 mobile customer in London. Bababoo charges 15.7 cents per minute for the same call.

If a user’s smartphone is not connected to the Internet, Bababoo seamlessly passes the call on to the carrier network ensuring it is made.

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