Barros Technologies launches mobile services platform

Barros Technologies, a specialist in software and services to enable mobile and collaborative working independent of technology platform and device, has unveiled plans for AlicantOS Mobile, a mobile-based operating system that will enable businesses and software development firms to create and deploy innovative, web-based mobile applications.

AlicantOS Mobile is the mobile platform of Barros’ AlicantOS internet operating system. AlicantOS Mobile provides a centralised, visual development environment for the design and deployment of web-based mobile applications. It is platform and device-agnostic, enabling developers to build applications that will run automatically across all major mobile devices including the BlackBerry, the Apple iPhone and Symbian-based smartphones.

Mobile applications are becoming indispensable for business users and consumers alike. The desire to stay in touch and remain productive while on the move has created an explosion in applications for mobile devices: there are now more than 10,000 applications available for Apple’s iPhone alone. Independent developers can use Alicant Mobile to tap into this burgeoning market, while inhouse development teams can use it to deliver productivity-enhancing applications to mobile employees.

As well as providing an easy way for businesses and developers to create their own mobile applications, Barros is also working on a development schedule of applications that will enhance mobile working, collaboration and data sharing. The roadmap includes applications for internet-enabled devices and platforms such as the iPhone, Google’s Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, smartphones and other mobile devices. Two applications in development include a social networking and collaborative photo application, and a mobile commerce platform. These applications will be launched in the next quarter.

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