BCH Digital Reveal Gravity

BCH Digital has announced the launch of Gravity and the first product from the new platform, Outbound Call Recording.

Over the last 12-months, independent Telecoms provider BCH has been busy developing and investing in its enhanced Next Generation Network, Gravity. Gravity is a high availability, highly resilient and very secure platform using ETSI C7, VoIP and ISDN as required. With BCH’s advanced development environment at its heart, the company says Gravity allows complex services to be deployed virtually instantly.

It has been created to compliment BCH’s existing inbound solutions, such as the recently launched PCI compliant phone payment service Pay-Tel and One to Group, and will allow for the continual development of even more innovative outbound and inbound solutions, all capable of handling millions of calls per month.

The Gravity platform incorporates enhanced reporting facilities, with detailed real-time information available as raw data or easily translated into graphs and charts for on-screen visual comparisons and downloadable reports. Over the coming year several new products will be launched via the Gravity Platform, the first of which has been created to meet the demand for a simple to manage solution for Outbound Call Recording

Outbound Call-Recording service is an indirect access solution, via 1xxx, which requires virtually no user involvement to record any outgoing call and meets with FSA legislation. With all recordings made directly in an AES-128 bit format, using a key known only to the user, Gravity’s Outbound Call Recording satisfies any security concerns as there will never be an unencrypted version of the file – encrypted MP3 files are stored directly meaning no insecure files are ever available. AES-128 also means that modifying files is virtually impossible without some trace of the modification being apparent, giving yet more added security.

The new Outbound Call-Recording solution provides the user with an encrypted version of the recorded file for download from a secure website or email. The file can only be decrypted using the user’s original key with the subsequent recording being directly playable as MP3. BCH will provide users with an easy to use tool for the purpose of decrypting the recordings or if required make the algorithm available for integrating into their own systems.

Andrea Wilson-Brown, MD of BCH: “We’ve invested heavily over the last 12-months making sure Gravity is a secure and future-proof platform for deploying innovative solutions, with a focus on improving the user-experience wherever possible. We are genuinely delighted with the end result and look forward to rolling out more innovative products over the coming year. ” She continued, “Outbound Call-Recording is the first of many new products we will be launching via Gravity. The simplicity of its set-up and ease of use combined with the enhanced reporting facilities make it an ideal solution for businesses wanting outbound calls recorded – which isn’t just restricted to companies that fall under FSA legislation. From monitoring and training purposes to improving customer relations and the resolution of disputes, Outbound Call-Recording is an valuable tool for all businesses.”

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