Beating the Credit Crunch through Call Management

Andy Wilson, VP Sales and Marketing at call management vendor CTI Group, comments, “Telephony sits as one of the most substantial outgoings for any business and should be monitored like any other business overhead. From Small or Home Offices (SoHO) all the way up to large enterprises, companies are required to keep a reign on calls executed on both landline and mobile handsets. Organisations need to ensure that calls made are billed appropriately and in doing so, ascertain business from leisure activity and monitor any anomalous activity. The current economic climate further urges organisations, irrespective of size, to find ways to keep call costs down and a handle on overall expenditure. Adopting a Call Management solution is the best means for those looking for a method to control telephony activity on their network. Such a solution gives managers, instant access to information regarding their entire networks and chance to retrieve historical calls records.

Development in technology will continue to provide us with enhanced networks and challenging voice deployments in the provision of VoIP. We will undoubtedly see increased take up during 2009, with more businesses looking to VoIP as a viable money saving option. CTI’s call management solutions play a vital part in ensuring VoIP networks are kept up and running and that the quality of service is at an optimum. At CTI Group we offer a unique solution called Proteus Quality Management System (QMS) which allows resellers or users to pull off quality reports outlining how well their VoIP system is running. Not only can this assist in the sale cycle for VoIP resellers in proving the quality of their offerings, but it can also act as a way to generate intelligence within a business as to how efficient a VoIP solution is working for them. As the take up of VoIP rises this year, users will increasingly want to monitor connection to both promise a secure connection as well as guarantee it is being used to its full potential.

Call Management solutions are also the ideal way to make sure communication networks are kept secure. Fraudulent call activity is becoming increasingly common in today’s working environment and with the move over to IT networks, although making for a more effective system, also opens up space for fraudulent activity. Call Management solutions highlight and alert resellers or the bill payer of any calls taking place at unusual times or fall over a price threshold, so that extraordinary activity costing business can be prevented.

Previously, CTI’s Call Management has been most successful with larger organisations, especially those in the financial sector, needing to keep a stringent eye on the calls made on the network and monitor trader activities. Our success at this level has meant that we have developed superior products that are also suitable for the SME market. Increasingly, smaller organisations are realising the benefits of implementing a Call Management solution and undeniably this trend will continue to grow throughout 2009 to allow the monitoring of staff on the internal and mobile telephone devices. By using such an application, businesses of all sizes can ultimately reduce costs and increase productivity. Call Management solutions come in all shapes and sizes. By opting for a scalable application, users can adjust the solution should their organisation fluctuate in size and network capacity to guarantee an easy to manage bill at the end of each month. Over the course of four to six months, new users can look to see a real Return On Investment (ROI). At CTI we have seen an increase of 25% of enquiries regarding Call Management solutions over the past few months and we only see this continuing to rise over the coming year. In 2009, our resellers can expect Call Management and Call Recording to be amalgamated into a robust and complete solution that gives a granular breakdown of telephony use.

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