Beta Launches AV Packages for Resellers

Beta Distribution have launched a comprehensive AV services package designed to help Resellers to capitalise on the ever increasing demand for digital signage.

Every organisation, whether it’s a retail store, a fast food restaurant, hotel or corporate organisation, is looking for ways to increase their level of engagement with their target audience. Traditional forms of static advertising, such as posters and banners, just don’t provide the level of interactivity demanded in today’s digital age.

Every Reseller will have a potential user of digital signage in their existing client base. They will all be using some form of public communication – a welcome sign in a reception area, a list of the day’s events in a gym, a menu board in a company restaurant – the list is endless.

The challenge for the Reseller is firstly to understand how to get their clients interested in a move to digital signage, and then secondly, to present them with a complete solution – design, product selection, installation and post-sales support. It can seem a daunting task, well outside their normal area of expertise.

That’s where the new service from Beta fits in, with the simple message to Resellers, ‘give us the enquiry and we’ll do the whole thing’.

The service is delivered by a team comprising of system designers, technical experts and ‘on the road’ Installation Engineers. The service has been created through the acquisition of ContentWall who provide an end to end digital signage design, install and support service on behalf of Resellers nationwide. The suite of services includes: design, implementation & integration, technical consultancy, maintenance services, managed signage services and support. The company was established in 2015 by Jamie Blakemore, who has over 20 years’ experience in the AV industry, including positions at PSCo and Samsung, and who now manages the operation within Beta.

‘There is no barrier to any Reseller now getting involved in digital signage’, comments Blackmore. ‘We can all see for ourselves the ever increasing presence of digital signage. It offers so much extra flexibility and impact compared to traditional forms of media’.

He understands that many Resellers may have been reluctant to get involved, mainly because their clients will be looking for a complete solution rather than simple product supply and installation. But now, by working with Beta, they can develop a brand new business opportunity with minimal risk and no upfront investment.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine