Birmingham City University global showcase on iTunes

A series of educational podcasts made by media experts at Birmingham City University has been given a global showcase on Apple’s iconic iTunes.

The ‘Interactive Cultures’ series of audio podcasts has been posted on iTunes U homepage under the section that showcases nine star items from the whole store, and sits alongside items from Oxford and Open universities.

iTunes U gives learners and anybody with a thirst for knowledge free access to a library of educational podcasts, similar to the way music-lovers have access to music using Apple’s groundbreaking iTunes Store.

This success came just over a week after Birmingham City University launched its presence on iTunes U, and underlines the University’s pioneering approach to delivering learning. It is one of the few UK universities on iTunes U.

Birmingham City University’s work, which includes features on contemporary cultural experiences in Birmingham as well as the city’s social and musical history, has been selected by experts at Apple computers who scan the iTunes U content for podcasts that have relevance to a worldwide audience.

‘Interactive Cultures’ brings together senior academics from the Birmingham School of Media involved in projects looking at how communities are created through social media.

“I am delighted that our staff are being recognised in the global arena for their leadership in understanding the changes that new and emerging media platforms are having on creative communities,” said Philip Thickett, head of the Birmingham School of Media.

As well as the ‘Interactive Cultures’ series of podcast, visitors to Birmingham City University’s area on iTunes U will find a wide range of excellent audio and video content that spans a range of sectors, such as the arts, performance, design, the creative industries, health, the humanities, green issues and university life.

Using iTunes U, digital material can be easily downloaded onto mobile technology, such as the iconic iPod or iPhone, or simply viewed on a PC or Mac.

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