Borri offer Efficient Power Continuity with the B9600

Borri a manufacturer of Power Solutions since 1932, have recently released a new model for the pinnacle of their commercial range. The B9600 is the largest in their commercial UPS series ranging from 400kVA to 800kVA, with UPS machines working in parallel for requirements above 800kVA. The B9600 gives Borri an increased competitive edge in the UPS market due to its high efficiency levels, which can potentially save the customer tens of thousands in operating costs per year.

The B9600 is the third and largest addition to the full 3 Phase, IGBT rectifier series joining the B8000 and B9000. The IGBT transformer based range is aimed at customers with critical power requirements who simply cannot afford to compromise on output protection and efficiency for large Data Centres and Telecommunication applications. Borri’s Three Phase machines all come with a three year warranty, giving the customer more reassurance that their products are highly reliable. Along with the key features, such an impressive warranty makes any of Borri’s Three Phase machines an attractive proposition for any requirement.

The new UPS has a number of key features, all aiming to keep efficiency as high as possible, which is vital when managing such critical levels of power. The UPS has the ability to consistently run above the 95% efficiency figure, even in unstable conditions. One of the largest energy saving solutions is the Power Factor Control System which manages the flow of power providing a stable input. IGBT technology is designed on both input and output, which is one of the main reasons behind the high efficiency figures. Features such as this don’t only lower operating costs, but also dramatically lower maintenance costs giving the customer a long list of benefits.

This new technology allows Borri to further strengthen their leading position in the UPS market. Eugenio Mascagni said “BORRI are one of the first companies in the world to introduce these features in a high power range, providing demanding customers with a UPS which combines power factor management and low THDi. This then leads to a low cost of ownership with a highly reliable solution guaranteed by the most advanced technology.”

With such large advancements in UPS technology it can only benefit Borri when designing and maintaining other UPS systems. For a full range of statistics on why the B9600 is one of the most efficient machines available, please visit the Borri Eco page online.

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