Bosch claims it is set to shake up mobile sat nav market

Bosch, global supplier of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology, has announced the launch of its premium mobile sat nav app for Apple users in the UK.

Drawing on extensive experience and infrastructure in the automotive sector, Bosch Navigation 1.5 looks set to take on leading mobile sat nav brands in the Apple App store with a range of unique and innovative features that aim to make it the new mobile sat nav of choice for Apple iPhone and iPad users.

Key features in Bosch Navigation include ‘Intermediate Destinations’, which allows users to make a quick detour en-route, perhaps to stop at a service station or restaurant, without affecting the original destination when travel is resumed. It also highlights the innovative ‘Plus Routes’ tool, which offers real time suggestions of alternative routes during navigation that may offer time or distance savings – all of which are easily viewable and selectable from the main map.

Bosch Navigation will have instant appeal due to its graphically rich maps that utilise a unique 3D artMap combining 3D landmarks, city models and landscapes to truly revolutionise the way you travel, making familiar locations instantly recognisable while omitting unimportant details so as not to slow down the device.

‘Driver Assistance’ calculates the severity of upcoming bends in the road and proposes an optimum speed to help drivers avoid unwanted surprises and increase road safety, and the built-in ‘Eco Navigation’ settings help plot a route that offers the best fuel efficiency for a particular type of vehicle.

In addition, true multi-touch helps iPhone users search and browse maps quickly and seamlessly, and full integration with Facebook and Twitter means it’s easy to keep your friends updated with your experiences on the road. All of the key features of modern sat navs are included as standard, such as an extensive POI database, real-time traffic reports, lane guidance and autozoom, making it one of the most comprehensive and customisable suites of navigation tools in the mobile market.

“Bosch may not be the first name UK users think of when considering mobile sat nav, however, our expertise in this market is extensive and we’re very confident that the unique and powerful tools available through our software are capable of making us a market leader in this sector,” says Product Manager, Florian Knollmann.

“Bosch Navigation will offer Apple users in the UK a seriously appealing alternative to modern mobile navigation, and combines all of the key features you’d expect to see in high-end sat nav suites with modern advancements such as Eco Navigation, high resolution 3D maps and additional, unique tools to help drivers reach their destination safely, and in the shortest time possible”.

Bosch Navigation 1.5 is developed and maintained by Bosch SoftTec (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch which places one of its key focuses solely on developing and updating its range of sat nav software, and with over 25 years of experience in the automotive field has all of the tools required to make it a market leader.

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