Brand-Rex to Host Future Speeds

Brand-Rex the international structured cabling specialist is to host a series of UK and international seminars covering the two hottest topics in the industry this year: The Future Speeds – Greener Needs seminars will focus on planning for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet in the LAN and data centre plus understanding the truth from the hype regarding green issues and how good green credentials can benefit businesses when it comes to networking infrastructure.

The UK technical seminars will be held in Falkirk 27th Sept 2011, London 29th Sept and Birmingham 4th October with international venues following in Prague 6th Oct, Munich 13th Oct, Stockholm 25th Oct, Madrid 27th Oct and The Hague 1st Nov.

Who should attend? The information packed days are a great opportunity for attendees to meet and learn from the Brand-Rex technical team and are ideal for IT and network managers plus IT consultants and everyone in the IT integration and installation sector. Attendance is free – simply register at website

Announcing the seminar series, Brand-Rex Chief Engineer Ken Hodge said, ”Network speeds have evolved amazingly over the past decade – from 100Mb/s through 1GB/s with 10Gb/s just about to become mainstream and 40Gb/s already a reality for the backbone but on the cusp of being developed for the horizontal too. Network managers and their IT consultants probably have the hardest job of any professions because they have to best-guess which technology to install 5 or 10 years before the applications are in production. Our aim with these seminars is to arm them with full knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of each solution – in a warts and all way – so that they can be fully briefed when having to make these difficult decisions.”

As well as Ken and his technology team, Kennedy Miller and the team who recently elevated Brand-Rex to the first cabling systems manufacturer to have its entire operations assessed as “globally carbon neutral” will be there to explain what all the standards and assessments mean to you when specifying a cabling system, how specifying green can actually boost your business and how to separate the truth from the “green-wash”.

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