Britain’s biggest communications company expands retail presence

Everything Everywhere to launch 30 new stores this year
The UK’s leading communications company, Everything Everywhere, today announced that it plans to launch 30 new stores in the UK this year.

The company, which was created by the successful merger of Orange and T-Mobile and already has over 720 stores, is looking to expand its retail presence as the demand for new communications services grows among British consumers.

The 30 new stores, which will see new jobs added on the high street, will be branded Everything Everywhere and will offer Orange and T-Mobile products and services, giving consumers access to more choice and the best range of products and services available in a direct-retail environment.

Everything Everywhere stores are designed to give customers an enticing, visual and interactive experience in order to “inspire, excite and educate”. The stores showcase new apps, smartphones and tablets from the biggest names in the industry, and put the focus on service rather than just sales. Store staff receive extensive training, with a focus on helping customers discover more from their mobile devices.

The move follows a series of ongoing retail trials by the company including joint Orange and T-Mobile stores, Orange and T-Mobile concession stores, and Everything Everywhere-branded stores.

The trials of the Everything Everywhere stores showed that footfall was up over 25% compared to other communications retail stores, and that customers were 60% more likely to recommend Orange and T-Mobile products and services due to the focus on service experience and the amount of time spent with customers.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “The new stores will be branded Everything Everywhere and will sell Orange and T-Mobile products. It means that by the end of this year we’ll have created more opportunities for our people, more choice for our customers and more potential for our business.”

He added: “The trial results have already shown us that we’ve tapped into an incredibly successful and highly engaging customer experience formula within the Everything Everywhere format, and that our two brands Orange and T-Mobile, as well as our customers, are benefiting.”

Everything Everywhere also confirmed that it will continue trialing other retail formats – including concession and 50/50 joint Orange and T-Mobile stores.

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