British Business Feels the Pain with Customer Service and Unified Communications

Research from Avaya showed in a survey of businesses managers and IT decision makers that customer service and unified communications (UC) are key to the success of today’s British companies.

Over 85 per cent of the respondents listed that the ability to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty through improvements in customer service was fundamental. While 82 per cent felt that enabling effective event or incident response together with making business processes more efficient was one of the main drivers to move to a unified communications network.

Stuart Wells, senior vice president and president, global communications solutions, Avaya, said “Today is about showing customers and business partners how Avaya’s Intelligent Communication is transforming businesses, large to small, and how Avaya has the unique capability to bring people and processes together which – coupled with a strong go-to-market strategy – can provide company’s with improved productivity, efficiency and customer service”.

Avaya’s Intelligent Communications seamlessly connects communications applications and business applications, giving workers, customers and processes the ability to be linked to the right person, at the right time, by the right medium – voice, text, and video – over any network. Unified Communications being one of the fundamental portals to Intelligent Communications, bringing together desktop and collaboration, unified messaging, conferencing, mobility and speech access.

Customers such as Total Gas & Power, part of Total Group, one of the world’s major oil and gas companies with activities in over 130 countries; the Royal Albert Hall, one of the UK’s most iconic buildings and leading entertainment venues which welcomes outstanding artists and audiences from around the world; Honda Racing F1, one of the leading teams in Formula One (F1) racing, are just a few company’s that have embraced Avaya’s Intelligent Communications solutions.

“It is important to line up with technology partners like Avaya which for the past three years have worked closely with us as a true integrated team” said David France, IT Director, Honda Racing F1 team. “Avaya’s IP Telephony has helped us make a major leap in our communications, transforming our business into a true unified communications environment, delivering increased productivity and collaboration for all users, whether mobile, desk or campus-based”.

“Customers want to see how technology translates into benefits. Technology itself does not count but the benefits do. Avaya has over a million customers world-wide so we understand how companies can leverage technology translating it into business benefits” said Buddie Ceronie, vice president, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.”

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