Broadband in Hosted VoIP: A Channel Support Guide

Reality Telecom has produced a simple guide to broadband for businesses making the move the IP telephony, designed to support channel players. The guide, “A Guide to Broadband for Businesses Implementing Voice Over IP”, helps channel partners to understand the key role of broadband in hosted IP telephony and ensure that the broadband that they offer their customers, whether existing or offered by the hosted telephony supplier, is adequate.

“Some channel players are being bamboozled by hosted IP telephony suppliers,”
said Simon Slater Thomas, CEO, Reality Telecom. “Sometimes it’s inadvertent – because this is a relative new market, many channel players naturally lack experience implementing VoIP. Yet if the broadband underlying any IP telephony service is poor, you are gambling with the quality of customers calls. For many, it works when it goes in but later fails – this guide goes some way to explaining why..”

The guide offers clearly presented advice on the questions to ask suppliers, and on how to calculate broadband requirements to ensure that a hosted IP telephony service isn’t a poor relation to a standard (TDM) phone line.

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