Broadband Speed Trap

95 per cent of the UK’s internet service providers will now start to follow an Ofcom-backed code of practice, committing them to improve the information given to consumers about their broadband speed.

Michael Downs, service provider specialist at network solutions and services provide Telindus, comments: “Ofcom’s move has undoubtedly been instigated by consumers’ confusion over the broadband speeds they see advertised and the speeds that they actually get.

Customers are rightly demanding to get what they are paying for. However, it wasn’t long ago that consumers were complaining about the fact they couldn’t receive broadband at all, let alone the speed. This is a clear indication that the public now regards broadband in the same way as ‘given’ utilities, such as gas and electricity, and that they have a clear idea about what their service should include.

As we move into 2009 and broadband uptake gets closer to saturation point, the ISP battleground will not just be over speed and cost, but the entire customer experience. In order to retain customers, ISPs need to add value for the customer by delivering a more personalised internet service.”

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