BT has Failed says O-bit Telecom

Dave Breith, CEO at O-bit Telecom says ‘It might be welcome news that the Conservative party plans to offer incentives to telecoms companies to build faster broadband networks if they win the election, but it is also a reminder of BT’s failings as the UK’s largest telecoms company.”

Breith continues, “In charge of the nation’s communications for around 30 years, it is a shame that BT hasn’t even done an adequate job at creating the infrastructure needed to provide everyone with fast broadband. Just look at the £45,000 bill they presented to one couple who wanted ADSL broadband for their rural property! It’s even more galling that other telecoms companies are expected to pay for the historical lack of investment, despite proposed incentives from the Conservatives.

To keep up with the pace of digital development that other countries have achieved, we need heavy investment in our broadband infrastructure. However, it is too much of a burden to place solely on other telecommunications companies, and the government needs to take the first steps and pay for the mistakes BT has made before others should be expected to do likewise.”

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