BT Launches SmartNumbers

BT has announced the availability of Featurenet SmartNumbers to provide businesses with a portfolio of Next-Generation Voice Services for their Featurenet Hosted Voice platform.

Featurenet SmartNumbers, an application developed by Teamphone, deliver on the promise of convergence by enabling organisations to enjoy benefits such as location-independent working, collaboration, CTI and business application integration with the resilience and reliability they have come to expect from BT Featurenet.

Peter Donovan, Head of BT Featurenet said: “The market clearly distinguishes between next-generation networks and next-generation services. Whereas the next-generation networks promise the cost-savings through the rationalisation of their voice and data infrastructure, it is next-generation Services that can deliver most value to the business over time. Featurenet SmartNumbers enables frictionless communication between companies, their employees, suppliers and partners. This helps organisations to be more efficient, more responsive and more easily able to deliver customer service at the pace and quality demanded today.”

Prior to this announcement, organisations looking to enjoy the benefits of next-generation voice services were forced down the path of network convergence first, which for many requires significant investment in both time and resources. Featurenet SmartNumbers turns this proposition on its head by delivering these on today’s network. However since SmartNumbers operates across both Featurenet as well as BT’s next-generation VoIP networks, customers can be assured that they have a simple migration path for these services when the business case behind next-generation networks supports the migration to VoIP.

In addition to providing a new class of rich telephony services, Featurenet SmartNumbers opens up a whole new class of mission-critical business applications, including:

* Hot-desking and Flexible Working
* Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
* Enterprise-Class Voice and Fax mail
* Virtual Contact Centres

Geoffrey Paterson, CEO of Teamphone commented: “This announcement represents an important extension to our supplier relationship with BT. BT and Teamphone have invested heavily to ensure that these next-generation services are an integral part of both the business process and the network so that customers can have a facility which aids a tight control of costs with a single point of access for ordering, provisioning, support and billing. Organisations that appreciate the flexibility and cost benefits of hosted telephony also appreciate the benefits of hosted services.”

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