BT Launches Virtual Data Centre Private

BT has launched Virtual Data Centre (VDC) Private, the latest update to its cloud-based services, enabling customers to build dedicated private clouds to drive efficiencies whilst responding to the changing needs of their business. BT says VDC Private is a data centre infrastructure service that delivers the benefits of cloud-based services, like improved flexibility and lower cost, but also allows customers to choose a solution to meet their current business needs.

VDC Private complements BT’s VDC On Demand service and can be provided within the customer data centre or hosted on one of BT’s network-based datacentres. According to the company the new service will be attractive to customers who want greater control and accountability of a cloud based service or to customers looking to introduce a greater level of innovation to enable their business systems and processes.

Additionally the new service will be particularly attractive to customers who require a dedicated and private architecture to meet their business needs or for customers looking to refresh their data centre infrastructure but who want to continue to utilise their own data centre space. Customers can choose from a number of pre-defined and sized architectures to suit the needs of their business both now and in the future. Additional capacity can be added in a modular way quickly as the business needs require.

Neil Sutton, vice president, global portfolio, BT Global Services said: “This is another clear demonstration of our innovation, investment and commitment to our customers to take them beyond the hype to focus on deliverable business benefits. At the end of last year, BT responded to organisations’ cloud-based concerns by implementing its VDC On Demand solution across Europe. VDC Private is another major step forward in our ability to address the complex needs of our enterprise and corporate customers.”

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