Building an IVR Solution Just Got Simpler

TeleWare, the provider of intelligent hosted and customer premises communication solutions to businesses and service providers, has announced new web based interfaces to the full range of Application Builder products. The company says the new interface makes it simple to build a new IVR call flow, or amend an existing call flow – the administrator can pick the applications they want from standard blocks provided, save their new IVR and modify, test and make current.

The Application Builder product extends beyond the ability to create a simple IVR, and the on premise installations can be integrated with customer databases for information sharing and IVR decision making. The on premise solution also includes support for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS).

With these new blocks, any authorised user can login and create IVR applications. The interfaces are all web based and are easy to navigate through. Users can record and play back new messages from the standard telephone or through a media player without the need for a separate voice recorder. These new interfaces make it easy to see what you are doing: simply type in the phone number of the phone you want to record from.

Most companies have multiple IVRs which run depending on the time of day or week, and on seasonal changes in their marketplace, such as Christmas in the retail industry, or summer peaks in the holiday business. Using the Application Builder block approach, these companies can create and manage phrases, fax information on request, use voice forms to capture data from the caller, transfer to voicemail – and all these capabilities are filed in libraries so they are easy to find as well as easy to use. The supervisor only needs to set preferences. Using a web interface instead of windows makes the solution easier to deploy and means TeleWare can ship without needing a windows client to be installed.

“We do not see why IVR changes need to be a complex operation,” said Richard Holland, Product Manager for TeleWare plc. “Colour coded blocks are used to make the functions easier to understand. Libraries of standard information are available that can be used by the company. Block properties are immediately visible in a second window area – it is a simple process of save, test and make live,” added Holland.

The TeleWare IVR solution is also available as a hosted web based application. This makes it easier to distribute and deploy since no on-site components need to be installed and the web based interface can be accessed from the Hosted Services Administration Portal.

For existing TeleWare customers, this upgrade is available free of charge under their AULM agreement, and there are no hardware changes required for existing Release 10 customers to enable them to move to this new functionality.
The web tool allows administrators to access the IVR from anywhere and removes the need to complex network paths and client side installation,” concluded Holland.

The new IVR applications are available immediately on the TeleWare customer’s on-premises solutions and the IP hosted platforms.

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