Bulldog Had its Day?

It is reported that parent company Cable and Wireless are considering shutting down the retail arm of their ISP Bulldog following a similar move last week in their minutes business which saw dealers set adrift overnight as part of an overall restructuring of their business in which their CEO was also a casualty.

Despite large amounts of cash being ploughed into the business, Bulldog has only managed to attract some 80,000 users to its broadband service – way behind established ISPs such as AOL, BT, Pipex and Wanadoo.

The ISP has also been dogged by a poor customer service record that culminated in hundreds of complaints and an investigation by the communications watchdog Ofcom last summer and autumn.

Now, it seems C&W is considering whether to pull the plug on Bulldog’s retail operation and instead become a wholesale provider of unbundled services. C&W is expected to clarify their strategy by the end of February.

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