BullGuard Announces New Mobile Backup 12

BullGuard has announced the arrival of its dedicated mobile phone backup software, specifically created to help solve problems with data backup and restore on smartphones and tablets.

With ever-increasing storage capacities and an ever-expanding array of features and services, smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming the “hold all” gadget for all manner of important data, from contacts, calendar and messages, to photos and music. A typical consumer will painstakingly assemble this data over months or even years, so it’s not hard to imagine how inconvenient it would be if a phone and its contents were lost or stolen.

Few users would risk storing such files on a regular computer without backing everything up, and while there are apps available for smartphones to help solve this problem, few can claim to be a comprehensive enough solution. With BullGuard’s new backup app for smartphones and tablets, users can backup and restore data across multiple platforms, and can rest assured that all of their most important files and information are securely stored on a remote drive for them to access at their leisure.

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 also comes with an easy solution to one of the most common mobile issues: migrating data from an old device to a new one, even if the new device runs a different OS. If a user loses or changes their phone, all they have to do is access their BullGuard online account and restore mobile content to the new device. This way, the traditional hassle of transferring mobile data is avoided, and precious time is saved.

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