Bullish Timico Expands VoIP Earnings for Converged Channel

Timico say they are moving up a gear through the start of 2008. Encouraged by the strong development of the converged communications channel, Timico is increasing the earnings that its Business Partners’ can make by selling its hosted VoIP service by up to £185 per extension in the first twelve months of a customer’s contract. Made up of a combination of connection bonus, hardware earnings and ongoing revenue share, the new package firmly positions Timico’s hosted VoIP solution as a lucrative proposition for channel players who have woken up to the opportunities of converged communications.

The enhanced first year earnings of £185 are based on an average revenue customer on a mid-range tariff. Business Partners could potentially earn up to £275 per extension across the life of a customer on a three year contract.

Furthermore, this new package makes selling Timico’s hosted VoIP service competitive against the sale of key phone systems and small PBXs where the potential earnings have, hitherto, been higher. This new earnings plan now positions the Timico hosted VoIP service as an attractive option to both mobile and fixed line dealers.

“Our new VoIP reward programme is impressive. It should be a real eye-opener for mobile and telecoms dealers who have yet to realise how much they could be earning from selling VoIP services,” says Chris Tombs, Chief Executive of Timico Group. “We have worked hard to develop the converged channel and have been rewarded by seeing an increasing number of our Business Partners expand their operations from a single service to offering a full suite of converged communications. These businesses are now set to reap the benefits from both higher earnings and reduced customer churn.”

Peter Thornicroft, Director at Tectrix Solutions, comments: “More and more people are asking us about VoIP and the Timico solution is becoming increasingly prevalent in our product range. Few other companies are able to provide a true business-strength VoIP product with a feature set that is comparable to a traditional phone system. Because it’s such an excellent solution, I am more likely to keep customers for a good three to five years, which then makes it financially worth while. We are in business for the long haul and Timico VoIP enables us to build strong, long term relationships with customers.”

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