Business Class IM Solution Launched

Unified communications company Presence Networks had announced Networker Web Access Client, a browser-based Instant Messaging (IM) service that doesn’t require the user to download desktop software and protects companies from security breaches.

With mobile working becoming more popular, this technology enables remote workers to maintain productivity in a secure environment, regardless of which computer terminal they are using.

With office workers increasingly using computers either in satellite offices, affiliate’s offices or at home, business communications networks are rapidly evolving towards a ‘desktop-lite’ interface. Coupled with rising expectations of ultra-fast communications, traditional users of sluggish remote communications tools such as Microsoft Outlook Web Access are turning to personal IM clients that typically require less internet bandwidth. However, these third party IM accounts are inherently open to security breaches as they are based on peer-to-peer technology that transports data over the public internet; leaving users susceptible to hacking and malware.

“As an additional communications channel, IM can deliver huge benefits to businesses if managed well, providing immediate contact between employees and the external organisations they deal with as well as real-time information on availability. To do this with appropriate levels of security and auditing, businesses need to standardise on an enterprise-class system that unifies IM with other online communication channels rather than relying on freely available tools.” Commented Bob Tarzey, Service Director, Quocirca.

The Web Access Client of Networker provides a secure alternative to peer-to-peer IM and also provides a full set of Networker features without needing to download software. The IM client is hosted on a dedicated central server that offers a remarkable 128-bit secure encryption combined with an integrated anti-virus system, meaning that remote workers can communicate instantly and securely from any number of computer terminals.

With Networker technology, the public IM gateway communicates with the Networker Server that in turn communicates with the Networker Client. At this point the data passes through the Networker Server and the communication is cleansed and recorded, ensuring the highest level of security and eliminating peer-to-peer communications.

“The launch of Networker Web Access Client is indicative of the momentum we are building in the market. Our customers have been so taken aback by their experience of Networker that there is now an amazing appetite for a web-based Networker with a high level of control and protection. By offering the Web Access Client alongside the newly upgraded desktop version Networker 4.0, organisations can be assured of a fully secure solution as well as taking back control of the network.” Commented Symon Blomfield, CEO, Presence Networks.

As part of Presence Networks’ vision to offer a secure and fast all-purpose communications portal, Networker Web Access Client has been developed on Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) so that small amounts of data constantly exchange with the server behind the interface, to deliver speed and responsiveness equal to the desktop version. In addition, the Web Access Client is a browser-based IM and includes all of the features of the Networker 4.0 desktop version such as a seamless interface with public solutions like Google, Yahoo! and AOL.

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