Business Continuity in 2006? Try Ethernet says ntl

Andy Irvine, Marketing Director, ntl Business says “With security threats becoming more sophisticated, and organisations forced to comply with data privacy and financial regulations, business continuity is set to continue to grow throughout 2006, but organisations will want to introduce such business systems without incurring significant costs or degrading performance.”

“2006 will see the growth of Ethernet networks continue as the technology becomes part of the business continuity solution. It is the tangible business and IT management benefits the technology delivers combined with its cost-effectiveness that is fuelling a 244% growth* in spend on Ethernet services by UK corporates – with market forecasts for its continuing growth over the next two-to-three years already being exceeded.”
“Ethernet makes it easy to mirror databases in real time, so if the live database goes down, the backup is up to date and available quickly. Affordable inter-site Ethernet bandwidth means that customers can locate their business continuity facilities wherever they choose in the UK, safe in the knowledge that the communication to and from their backup servers will be as good as if they were located on the local area network, i.e. no noticeable delay in switching to backup means business productivity is maintained for customers on ntl Ethernet solutions.”

“It’s vital that companies investing in a business continuity programme can guarantee network performance in their disaster recover suites. In the event of an emergency, workers need fast access to their usual programmes regardless of their location. On a more day-to-day level, businesses have a responsibility to make sure that all duplicated data complies with legislation, such as Sarbanes Oxley, in the same way as all centralised functions are.”

“Metro Ethernet is already enjoying success, but Ethernet has not yet been recognised as a way of connecting offices at distances over 25km. In reality it is a highly cost effective, simple solution which could save businesses serious money on their long-haul leased lines. 2006 will see a growth in standards, driven by the Ethernet Forum, for vendors and carriers which will raise the profile of Ethernet as an enterprise technology of choice.”

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