Businesses Speed Ahead with Cable&Wireless’ Broadband Service

Ofcom’s recent report that 57% of broadband users are receiving just half the advertised maximum speeds is an eye opener for consumers. In comparison, companies receiving business broadband services from Cable&Wireless Worldwide will get exactly what they pay for, with guaranteed upload and download speeds at peak times.

The newly launched Business Grade Broadband from Cable&Wireless comes with a host of additional features that makes it an absolute must for businesses that rely on broadband including:

Assured Rates: bandwidth provision on downstream speeds is guaranteed at busy times to ensure a level of performance. With download speeds of around 16Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps, Assured Rate speed options of 60Kbps, 256 Kbps and 1Mbps are available, allowing businesses to run applications, browse the internet and carry multiple phone calls over their broadband connection.

Enhanced Care: a feature that ensures faster fault fix times compared to the standard consumer product for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL).

Trying to carry out business critical communications over a slow or unreliable broadband connection can be not only frustrating, but can lead to lost revenue through inefficiencies in staff time, dropped calls, or customers going elsewhere to find a supplier that is more prompt in responding. Businesses today often rely on their broadband connections to run their operations; they need to know the right speed will be delivered all the time.

The broadband service from Cable&Wireless also includes an updated customer portal and a refreshed offer, delivering better value and more features for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2plus (ADSL2plus) and Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). All services are delivered on a stable and stress-tested platform, which is currently provisioning hundreds of circuits a day.

Ian Thomas, Managing Director, Public Sector and Partners, Cable&Wireless Worldwide commented: “Companies are relying on broadband for business critical applications and their phone calls, more than ever before, so anything less than an assured rate simply won’t do. Cable&Wireless is committed to providing the best broadband propositions to both our customers and channel partners. Our assured rates mean that our customers get the high quality of service and reliability they need to run their business critical applications.”

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