Buy and sell words on Twiiter (kayak, jerk and pants all less than $2)

Gareth Jones, Revolution Magazine

Pretweeting is a new Twitter app that allows users to maker a virtual profit by buying and selling words on the microblogging service.

The app encourages Twitter users to predict the terms that will be popular in tweets and buy them up before their prices increases. They can then trade them on the ‘Pretweeting’ stock exchange to generate virtual profits.

Words are priced based on how often they’re mentioned on Twitter. A word that costs $10 has been mentioned in one percent of all recent tweets.

The most popular words on the site are ‘the’, ‘you’, ‘is’ and ‘on’. However, users can also be the proud owner of ‘bitch’ (2.69), ‘internet’ ($3.85) and ‘hahahaha’ ($2.31), as well as dozens of others.

Once signed up to play, users are required to follow @pretweeting via Twitter for updates and instructions. Participants get $10,000.00 to start buying words, and are able to purchase up to 1,000.

Pretweeting is the latest in a long line of Twitter apps to launch over recent weeks including RichTweets, which lets users enhance their tweets by adding a range of colours, images, videos and even widgets.

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