BuzzCity launches SDK for developer community

Global mobile media company BuzzCity has launched its software developer kit (SDK) to take advantage of the growing demand for mobile games and applications from both consumers and advertisers.

The SDK will allow mobile developers to publish ads on their applications, earning a share of the revenue for each ad clicked on whilst retaining complete control over how and where the ads will appear.

Developers will also be able to take advantage of BuzzCity’s range of mobile media properties to distribute their application to a wider audience. Additional channels include mobile games portal, Djuzz, and mobile social network, myGamma.

“While WAP media remains the dominant platform for content delivery globally,” said KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, “There is an increasing demand for applications such as mobile games. The buzz around new smartphone innovation, such as the iPhone, which has driven the market forward and demand has increased globally where other feature phones dominate.”

Each application submitted by a developer will be classified in accordance with BuzzCity’s six publishing channels to ensure that all ads are targeted at the most relevant audience. This will create greater value for advertisers as the ads are served to those who will be more likely to be engaged in their product or service. BuzzCity’s six publisher categories are Community, Search/Portal/Services/, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Information/News/Sports, Mobile Content and Adult.

“The SDK is a mutually beneficially tool,” added Lai. “Advertisers need targeted campaigns with reach and developers need new distribution channels. BuzzCity is committed to enhancing the mobile experience for all parties, not least the mobile users that make use of our publishers’ applications.”

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