Cable & Wireless Launch Global VoIP Interconnect

C&W has announced a new service to provide carriers with an end-to-end IP service for improved quality and reliability of VoIP calls – Global Voice over IP Interconnect is an international VoIP exchange which provides wholesale interconnection for voice and fax traffic.

The carrier says the service provides a one-stop-shop to connect and terminate VoIP calls at the highest quality right across the globe. “It facilitates connectivity for carriers who want to pass voice traffic to Cable & Wireless in an IP format at an IP handover point, and offers termination of VoIP traffic over 180 direct routes globally.”

Carriers benefit from a single monthly invoice and a centrally agreed service level agreement, greatly reducing the complexity of back office functions. Over time, this simplified approach to providing global voice will allow both consumer and business VoIP markets to evolve and flourish.

The service enables fixed-line operators, mobile network operators, VoIP providers and cable operators worldwide who currently juggle multiple single-country contracts with separate suppliers to terminate calls across the globe. Cable & Wireless Global VoIP Interconnect enables any IP carrier to transport its global voice traffic seamlessly.

Global VoIP Interconnect provides carrier class outbound and inbound IP voice interconnect and can be accessed via the public internet, Cable & Wireless Internet Access (AS 1273) or Cable & Wireless Carrier MPLS. This choice of access methods ensures that carriers can transport voice traffic over IP, whatever the requirements of their end-customers or the nature of the services they provide.

The service runs over Cable & Wireless’ industry-leading international multi protocol label switching (MPLS) network, so quality of service and global coverage are assured. Session border control routing capabilities on the edge of the MPLS network provide customers with the best route for every destination.

Alan Whelan, managing director, Carrier Services, Cable & Wireless, said: “VoIP is really speeding up the development of the highly competitive international voice market. Cable & Wireless Global VoIP Interconnect removes the final obstacle of contract management and negotiation for operators, and will ultimately lead to more innovative services for both business and residential customers. Cable & Wireless is already working closely with some of the leaders in these new markets to deliver their global VoIP services.”

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