Cabot Communications shortlisted for two awards

Cabot Communications, the specialist digital TV software supplier, announces that it has been shortlisted in two separate categories for the upcoming Cable and Satellite Awards which will be taking place at IBC on 13th September.

Cabot’s AuroraTV solution has been shortlisted in the ‘Best HDTV Technology or Project’ category. AuroraTV is a complete, HD platform independent solution which provides full TV control for picture, sound and interactive services. The purpose of the product is to provide a portable and proven worldwide DVB-T software solution for single chip IDTV platforms. Manufacturers are no longer compelled to create IDTV solutions which consist of two different chipsets, one for analogue and one for digital, revolving around two different software stacks, each with its own independent and often incongruous, applications and menu designs. Also manufacturers are no longer required to face lengthy integration periods for each stack and ultimately a poor end-user experience with consumers being confused by separate menus and service lists.

Cabot was also shortlisted alongside the BBC in the ‘Best Interactive TV Technology or Application’ catergory for their joint Push VOD ‘Catch Up’ TV project. CatchUp TV builds on commodity DTR technology to offer the viewer a highly engaging on-demand experience using MHEG-5 extensions to control DTR resources. It provides means for programmes and interactive applications to be automatically “pushed” into storage within the DTR. These can then be accessed via a novel and visually rich user interface provided by a previously downloaded MHEG-5 interactive application. It also allows innovative new interactive television services to be offered, which seamlessly mix content from the broadcast stream and DTR storage. Pushing programmes onto a DTR ensures that there is always a broad range of programmes available for on-demand access.

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