Call Management Provides All Round Value say Tollring

Simon Whatley, Managing Director at Tollring says many call management providers will argue that selling their software as part of an overall solution can save money for the customer, and so justify the expense of a new system.

“This is true to an extent, but it does give the impression that the call management solution is more of a ‘means to an end’ to get the sale, rather than something which can provide additional value not only to the customer but also to the reseller.

We have proved over the years that selling call management, whilst also being a genuine business benefit for the customer, can also generate good solid margin for our resellers. These two examples demonstrate the point at both ends of the scale:

One of our UK resellers recently implemented a solution a small, family-run will writing business who are experts in all aspects of inheritance. In addition to the call management software, they also needed all calls to be recorded for training and quality purposes. Our reseller implemented an entry-level call management solution, but with a professional call recording package that also included extension matching and gave with enough capacity to record 40 extensions. Although it was a relatively small overall implementation, the call management and call recording element enabled them to generate an extra £4,000 of margin on the deal.

Which basically goes to prove that including call management and call recording as part of an overall sale does much more than simply justify the customers’ spend on the rest of the solution!”

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