Call Management – The Real Story

Steve Cobley Head of Business Development at call recording vendor Retell says that getting the story behind call stats is one of the key issues facing companies of all sizes, so they can streamline their work flow and decision support, while managing growth.

“Time-poor managers want reports that provide intelligent insight into the call performance of their area of responsibility – past, present and future — for internal and external stakeholders.

Packages that generate call stats have been around for years, but they provide limited insight. Nor do they make it easy to find and apply them. It’s an area that’s been neglected, as there had been no seamless solution to provide such an integrated flow until eighteen months ago when Retell first pioneered a call recorder with built in call management. Retell’s Sense Call Analyser system bridges that divide and Steve Cobley, Retell’s Head of Business Development explains how:

“Generally, customers have been sold a call management system and a call recording system separately. They’ve had to look on one screen for one bit of information then another to listen to or find the call. That’s a waste of time and energy. The smart thinking behind Sense is that it brings this together as an intelligent reporting tool.

Sense Call Analyser enables a customer to see real time statistics in an easy to read graphic interface, then drill down easily into the actual call – all on one screen. That provides call statistics, call analysis, call recording, toll fraud and call costing all in one unit.

The way I see it, its key USP is that it tells you the story behind the call stats with ease, so you can understand the work flow better, which is a very exciting benefit. It already has easy MS SQL SE database integration, so customers are better able to analyse and evaluate information and then make well-informed, insightful business decisions. For resellers, there’s up to 40% margin available, which is probably the healthiest in the channel – not to mention the installation opportunities.”

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