Cameo creates ‘One Culture’ with new initiative

Cameo has announced its Project-One initiative, building a strong collaborative working culture to foster idea-sharing and nurture people, teams, customers and relationships across the business.

Focusing on three main target areas of Culture, Attitude, and Focus, Cameo’s Project-One aims to promote a formative aligned mindset, with everybody across the company approaching work with one shared attitude, focus, and standard.

The initiative aims to create ‘One Culture’, forming a community-based working environment, where all team members are actively encouraged to share new ideas, as well as helping each other to achieve individual or departmental targets together as a single unit. This enables Cameo to provide the level of reliable customer support now required to keep it operating effectively at all times. Other methods promoted as part of Project-One include proactively avoiding the use of email to contact customers, encouraging phone conversations to more accurately gauge the needs of the customer.

Cameo is also focused on building an environment of ‘One Attitude’ to ensure a consistent and appropriate manner is taken when assisting customers, regardless of the answer or response that Cameo can offer. Through this approach, Cameo looks to form the correct attitude to help grow relationships and ultimately retain customers, as well as attracting and retaining the best engineers and operators within the sector.

The final focal area of Project-One is promoting a singular and universal ‘One Focus’, designed to help employees keep a close eye on how the business is operating and how it is affecting people across the entire business. Fostering empathy and endearment throughout this process, Cameo is able to nurture people, teams, customers and relationships whilst providing the level of support which is needed for staff and clients to thrive.

“Project-One is such a vital part of the Cameo operation as it embodies our mission to work as one to deliver premium hardware support to each of our channel partners. With everybody united under the ideas of ‘One Culture’, ‘One Attitude’, and ‘One Focus’, we can really present a consistent and unified approach, meaning the customer knows that the service they receive from us will be the most suitable, swift and efficient each time our support is required,” commented Luke Horton-Walker, Operations Director, Cameo.

“We are very proud of Project-One because it epitomises just how important customer service and stakeholder welfare is here at Cameo. It gives us an opportunity to hear the opinion of all stakeholders from within the company, making sure that every decision we make is in the best interest of our staff and customers. Through this approach, we can gather new ideas and feed these back into our business ethos, to continuously improve service and create an enjoyable place to work with staff working towards one shared goal,” continued Horton-Walker.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine