Changes to BT Wholesale’s Ethernet portfolio

BT Wholesale is reducing its Ethernet Fibre Access rental prices by up to 25 per cent and is adding an E-LAN option to its Wholesale Ethernet Portfolio.

In addition, all Wholesale Ethernet components are now certified under the recently introduced security standard for Next Generation Networks

BT has enabled more than 1,040 Ethernet over fibre nodes reinforcing its position as a leading Ethernet over fibre network provider in the UK – and rollout continues
IDC (July 2011) expects UK Ethernet revenues to grow by 113% over the next four years. By 2015 they estimate Ethernet will account for more than £1billion in revenue with E-LAN attracting one-third of this.

Coming into effect on 1 October 2011 (and as announced to industry on 1 September 2011), BT Wholesale is making permanent reductions to its standard rental prices for the Etherway Fibre component of Wholesale Ethernet, offering customers the potential benefit of up to 25% lower than existing prices.

And it’s the last call for a free 1Gb Etherway Connection under BT Wholesale’s Metro City Special Offer. This runs until Thursday 29th September 2011 and applies to 1 Gb Etherways in the Metro cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Previously Wholesale Ethernet supported point-to-point and hub and spoke configurations. However from today BT Wholesale is offering E-LAN – a virtual Ethernet switched service.

Running across BT’s 21st Century Network, E-LAN provides a dynamic, any-to-any Ethernet configuration between geographically dispersed customer sites.

E-LAN maximises bandwidth use, improves resilience, supports multicast communications and enables Real-Time voice and data prioritisation

It is supported over all BT Wholesale’s Etherway access options today including Ethernet in the first Mile and, when launched, Generic Ethernet Access (GEA). Other than access circuits, there are no set up fees with E-LAN. Pricing is based on a number of variables including locality, class of service and bandwidth options. It is a great value choice when traffic is peaky, resilience is required and sites are of similar importance but require different traffic levels at different times.

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