Charities Affected by Ofcom Rule Changes

New government legislation on 0800 numbers could send operating costs for UK organisations soaring when it comes into force on 1 July 2015. The move, which makes all 0800 numbers free to call from mobile phones, could have a big impact on leading UK charities that operate the free-phone number, including The Royal British Legion, the British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie Cancer Care and the NSPCC, according to Solar Communications.

At present, calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles are charged to the caller. The change in legislation is good news for consumers as 0800 numbers will be free from mobiles, but it means those organisations receiving the calls will now have to pick up the bill.

What many organisations do not realise is that they can avoid these additional operating costs by switching to an 0300 number.

Mark Colquhoun, CEO of Solar Communications, comments: “The legislation change is good news for consumers but it presents an issue for those organisations operating an 0800 number, including some of the UK’s leading charities. However, the process of switching to an 0300 number is relatively simple and an ideal way for businesses and charities to keep the lines of communication open and operating costs to a minimum.”

According to Solar Communications, 16 of the country’s top 100 charities are affected by the change.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine