Charterhouse Goes CarbonNeutral

Reseller Charterhouse Voice and Data PLC (CVD) has announced that they are now a CarbonNeutral company.

An award of the CarbonNeutral company brand mark means that CVD has reduced their carbon footprint to zero through a programme of CO2 reductions – both internal and external – through offsetting.

CVD has worked with The CarbonNeutral Company, who provide carbon footprint consultancy services and work with organisations on carbon offsetting projects, to achieve this status. Charterhouse has made this step as part of an ongoing programme to be greener as a business, to reduce their CO2 emissions, and to work with their clients to reduce their carbon footprint through the adoption of new technology solutions.

Sue Welland, Founder & Creative Director, from The CarbonNeutral Company, stated: “We are really pleased that Charterhouse has taken direct action to tackle climate change through neutralising their carbon footprint to zero with us. A vital part of being awarded the CarbonNeutral company accreditation is educating the importance of this to staff and suppliers so that they are aware that they too can help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced by making small changes to their lifestyles for example turning of appliances at night, driving smarter and purchasing greener goods.”

Mark Brooks-Wadham, Charterhouse Managing Director, added: “I’m delighted to announce that we have been awarded the CarbonNeutral brand mark. Sustainability is a major corporate social responsibility for all businesses and we’re all seeing continuing commercial pressures to be more environmentally-conscious. It’s only a matter of time before regulation and taxation, combined with societal pressure, forces UK enterprises to take similar steps and we can help them to do so. Lowering our environmental impact is now both part of our corporate strategy and company culture and to this end, our employees have taken up the challenge. We see this as just the beginning on a long and important journey. Increasingly, our customers want to buy green products from green manufacturers through green channels such as Charterhouse. As a systems integrator, we’re taking a thought leadership position on this issue to help our clients to be greener.”

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