Chess Launch Free Landline to Mobile Calls Offer

Network services company Chess say that Partners can double their money with their brand new free landline to mobile deal.

Chess add that this breakthrough offer is designed to enable partners to increase their earnings by taking advantage of the huge sales opportunity presented by offering fixed and mobile products.

Identifying a number of fixed line partners not dealing in mobiles and mobile partners not taking advantage of fixed line opportunity, Chess launched the innovative offer to enable them to double their earning potential by taking advantage of both markets. It will also be offering training for partners wanting to venture into fixed or mobile sales for the first time.

According to the company it is the first offer of its kind to be launched in the B2B market and is anticipated to generate considerable interest amongst the many UK businesses using both fixed and mobile communications. Its development was also influenced by the increasing popularity amongst UK businesses of having a single supplier for all services.

Talk of fixed mobile convergence has been on the telecoms industry’s lips for years and now and by embracing advancing mobile solutions, Chess is positioning itself at the forefront of the market.

Chess’ offer provides an innovative alternative to the more traditional Fixed Cellular Terminal route. Customers benefit from free calls to their mobiles, but it requires no additional hardware or pre-programming making it an easy to use, cost effective mobility solution.

“Increasingly, customers want one supplier for all services,” said Chief Executive David Pollock. “We developed this offer as a strong selling tool that would give partners a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded mobile market. It will also mean partners don’t miss a trick with sales opportunities and increase their scope for earnings. Chess is open to exciting, new ideas and launching innovative products and offers. Mobility will play a huge part in the future of telecoms and we are keen for Chess and our partners to be at the forefront of this growth.”

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