CIF Launches Vendor Independent Certification

Acknowledging research reports about the lack of skills in the cloud computing market, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has launched its Professional Member certification scheme based on its independent eLearning programme for IT professionals.

The new certification scheme is open to all CIF Professional Members who participate in their eLearning programme and by taking online exams, achieving a score of 80% or more for each module taken.

Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF, stated: “Cloud services are now mainstream technology and most organisations are looking to leverage cloud platforms and services at a strategic level. Our research indicates that the risk and complexity associated with cloud migration means that the demand for professionals with a deep understanding is at an all time high. As a result, we wanted to offer our professional members the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market with a recognised qualification and professional certification.”

The online course material, developed with the help of several CIOs and industry experts, covers a range of subjects based 12 unique modules, all of which aid and educate individuals on cloud realities and help identify how to de-risk and accelerate the cloud adoption journey. Certified professionals can therefore demonstrate that they have learned and understand these principals and can positively support or shape cloud-based projects.

“The course material has been independently developed to help our members validate their understanding of how their organisational goals can be met through cloud technologies and create a strategy and adoption plan that helps to achieve those objectives,” added Alex. “The material itself is independent of any vendor or service provider, which we believe is vital.”

The first stage of the online learning is based on the following 12 modules of cloud adoption:

1.Cloud Essentials
2.Impact of Cloud on IT
3.Building a Cloud Strategy
4.Current Environment
5.Destination Planning
6.Migration Planning
7.Staff & Resources
8.Service Providers
10.Contracts & SLA’s
11.Security Planning
12.Business Case

The two Certification Levels are based against these modules as follows:
•Foundation – CIF Certified Professional level 1 for modules 1-3 with a pass mark of greater than 80%
•Advanced – CIF Certified Professional level 2, including level 1 and further covering at least 6 of modules 4-12 with a pass mark of greater than 80%

Alex concluded: “Our Professional Membership scheme has been extremely well received and the take up is positive, we felt that for those individuals making use of the eLearning programme should be recognised independently for the work they are doing. This lies at the heart of the CIF Professional Membership certification scheme, which will demonstrate to the outside world that you have both the skills and knowledge needed in this complex and yet highly sought after field.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine