CipherCloud Brings Encryption to Any SaaS or Cloud Application

CipherCloud introduced CipherCloud Connect AnyApp, the industry’s first configurable encryption gateway to secure data in-transit, in-use, and at-rest for millions of public and private cloud web applications whilst preserving application functionality. This includes IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS web applications along with behind-the-firewall intranet applications used to manage sensitive data in enterprises every day. Enterprises now can deploy encryption or tokenisation in hours, revolutionising cloud security.

With Connect AnyApp, administrators simply specify fields on web pages to be encrypted. Like all other CipherCloud encryption gateway applications, there are no application changes or client software required. Enterprises can select from multiple encryption and tokenisation options that preserve data format and operations, including search and sort.

CipherCloud Connect AnyApp is the latest addition to the CipherCloud Platform that provides cloud encryption across the enterprise. The CipherCloud Platform reduces the complexities of protecting business data by enabling organisations to quickly deploy and manage encryption across multiple cloud applications with a single system, saving time and money.

“Cloud encryption gateways that can be configured to encrypt or tokenise data are needed to reduce this risk and allow businesses and governments to go beyond the firewall and adopt public and private clouds applications,” according to Lawrence Pingree, Research Director at Gartner, Inc.

Before CipherCloud Connect AnyApp, enterprises were faced with complex or costly options to use encryption or tokenization with Saas, Cloud, and web applications, if they had any options at all.

Enterprises could attempt to add encryption or tokenisation to middleware or databases, however, this approach required extensive development and integration and wasn’t possible for SaaS or PaaS applications where code changes or database access are not allowed.

Organisations could consider desktop software plugins or special mobile apps, but these approaches took time to deploy, didn’t work across mobile devices, and were frustrating for users—leading to low adoption.

Finally, enterprises could use cryptographic toolkits to develop custom integration or applications. However, preserving critical functionality like search, sort, and format was nearly impossible with all of these approaches.

“While our clients express interest in moving applications to the cloud, the expense and complication of securing data is holding many back,” said Glen Day, Ernst & Young’s Information Security Leader for Healthcare and Life Sciences in the Americas. “Enterprises need a simple and cost effective means to encrypt data for web applications, not just for the public cloud but also for majority of their home grown intranet applications.”

CipherCloud Connect AnyApp revolutionises encryption for enterprises. Now any intranet form, custom developed web application, vertical specific SaaS application, or millions of other web applications can use encryption or tokenisation. Securing data stored in web applications is now as simple as:

1.Installing the CipherCloud virtual appliance, which automatically generates an organisation’s encryption keys.
2.Specifying URLs of the public and private cloud applications to be encrypted.
3.Using point-and-click to create policies to encrypt or tokenise one or more fields.

Once a policy is enabled, data entered for the web application is automatically encrypted or tokenised using CipherCloud’s format and operations preserving technology.

“Every business and public sector organisation CipherCloud has spoken with asks how they can encrypt data for their own set of third-party and custom web applications. This might be a behind-the-firewall application moving to IaaS or a hot new SaaS social enterprise app,” said CipherCloud founder and CEO, Pravin Kothari. “The industry’s wait is over and now millions of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS and behind-the-firewall applications can have data-at-rest protected with point-and-click encryption and tokenisation policies without any programming required.”

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