Citel Releases Extender IP6000

Citel, The VoIP migration company, has announced general availability of the Extender IP6000, enabling enterprises with multiple locations to take a cost-effective, phased approach to IP telephony migration with minimal business disruption.

Rather than supporting multiple PBX systems and remote connections, Citel’s Extender products allow enterprises to connect remote call centers, home workers, and branch offices to a central digital PBX over an IP network, significantly reducing telecom operating costs and simultaneously improving business operations by providing single voice mail and call center applications, central reception, and four digit dialing throughout the enterprise.

As the business case evolves and the enterprise is ready to complete the migration to SIP, the Extender IP6000 can be software upgraded to accommodate a premise or service provider hosted IP PBX, leveraging the existing handset and wiring infrastructure at each location. This phased migration path allows enterprises to immediately realize the advantages of a central PBX platform, then complete the full migration to SIP telephony in the future, without having to “rip and replace” existing infrastructure.

“Although the market for new telephony infrastructure is shifting rapidly toward IP, many enterprises with existing PBX infrastructure require a more solid business case for immediate migration to VoIP,” said Mike Robinson, CEO of Citel. “The Extender IP6000 addresses this reality across a multitude of PBX platforms. This solution provides an immediately cost-effective and productivity enhancing business case as the first step, followed by a simple, flexible path to complete the migration to IP telephony in the future.”

Extender IP6000 is available in a 12-Port configuration, which can be scaled to accommodate the number of stations at each remote site. The product is compatible with many leading PBX platforms, including Avaya/Lucent Definity and Magix, Nortel Meridian and Norstar, Alcatel, Ericsson, Iwatsu, Toshiba, and Panasonic.

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