Clean-Up With Headset Hygiene From Nimans

Think hygiene for healthier headset profits is the message to resellers from distributor Nimans. Headset Business Manager James Burns says a timely opportunity exists for dealers to be highlighting the benefits of regular headset hygiene programmes, replacing ear cushions and voice or sound tubes.

“With so much current attention about the need to prevent the spread of germs it is imperative that dealers highlight the importance to their customers of using clean headsets. This not only enhances performance but can also help protect staff from any bacteria.”

James added: “Replacing ear cushions and voice or sound tubes at regular intervals is an effective barrier, and easy general safeguard companies should be taking, particularly in the current climate. Regular headset maintenance guarantees a cleaner and more pleasant working environment for staff and ensures the highest call quality is always achieved. Effective cleaning will not only prolong the life of the equipment it will also lead to increased call clarity and general performance. We advise that ear cushions and voice/sound tubes should be replaced every six months and equipment regularly cleaned with hygiene wipes.

“We can provide colour-coded voice or sound tubes so a company or call centre knows exactly when they need to be changed, making it easy for resellers to monitor.”

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