Clement Clarke Communications Launches New Headset Partnership with Nimans and Rocom

Clement Clarke Communications has announced the appointment of both Nimans and Rocom as key distribution partners in the UK following the launch of its TC400 series of headsets. Both distributors will now be supplying the new series of call and contact centre headsets.

Martin Fox, Sales & Marketing General Manager for Clement Clarke Communications said: “We have enjoyed a productive relationship with Nimans in the past and feel that the expansion of our headset range fits together with two of the biggest and most respected names in UK distribution, allowing us to reach a wider target audience with our products.”

Nimans’ and Rocom’s Headset Business Manager, James Burns, welcomed the addition of the TC400 series to the company’s already extensive headset range. He explained: “For over 60 years Clement Clarke Communications has been providing headset technology which is used by many of the world’s defence establishments, airlines and air traffic control centres together with many contact and call centre operations. The TC400 series represents another significant step forward in design and high performance. We are delighted to be providing our customers with even more choice by re-kindling our relationship with Clement Clarke.”

As well as the TC400 series Nimans and Rocom are also stocking the TC100 and TC200 headset ranges along with various accessories.

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