Cloud Distribution brings Next-Gen SIEM to partners

Cloud Distribution has partnered with Securonix to give resellers a new opportunity with Next-Gen SIEM and UEBA platform, in a rapidly advancing space.

With 90% of organisations vulnerable to internal cyber-attacks, already half have confirmed to having a cyber-security incident of that nature in the last 12 months. With the threat vector constantly changing, Resellers are now able to help their customers understand user behaviour, study analytics, and stop attacks before they happen with Securonix.

Securonix, utilising intelligent machine learning and behaviour analytics, continuously builds a risk profile of a user based on identity, IT activity, physical access, and even phone records.

Adam Davison, Sales & Marketing Director for Cloud Distribution commented: “The SIEM & UEBA market place is evolving rapidly and only Securonix can provide a scalable, comprehensive next-gen solution required to help organisations pre-empt attacks. Uniquely, partners can add User Analytics to their existing SIEM products by overlaying Securonix on top, or simply replace the existing SIEM and have a single pain of glass. This new partnership will offer intuitive security against the highly advanced threats we see today, and to accelerate the support of our partners we will be investing in a funded head as a commitment to this proven technology!”

For partners selling legacy SIEM solutions, there is now a new opportunity in leveraging Securonix as a more complete and next generation solution.

Matt Pearson, EMEA Channel Director, commented “Securonix has been active in the market in EMEA for 4 years, and until recently, we have focused on a single-tier channel. We are expanding so rapidly that we feel it is time to work with a select few distribution partners in EMEA. We did our due diligence and decided that a true value-added security distributor that has a number of new and disruptive partners was exactly what we were looking for. Cloud Distribution is the stand out partner we have chosen to work with. They have an AI and machine learning story, and a number of complementary vendors, which means that we can offer reseller partners a truly integrated solution. They have seasoned professionals that really understand what a vendor values from a truly value-added distributor. We are very excited to be working with them.”

Cloud Distribution is taking this technology to the UK market and supporting reseller partners with marketing and sales initiatives through the Cloud Altitude Program.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine