Cloud Distribution Partners with Trusted Knight

Cloud Distribution has announced a distribution agreement with Trusted Knight offering channel partners modern solutions that address the most demanding enterprise security needs.

The rise in the number of cyber threats and the increasing size and changing nature of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is a major concern for all companies with an online presence. Effectively managing traffic surges and maintaining a fast and accessible website are also critical issues in the web economy.

“Trusted Knight is an excellent opportunity for partners as it offers advanced and ultimate website protection that can be deployed in a matter of hours and kept up-to-date automatically with minimal maintenance,” said Adam Davison, Sales and Marketing Director, Cloud Distribution. “By offering highly differentiated technologies and significant protected margins through deal registration on a subscription model, Trusted Knight is an attractive proposition for the select partners we’ll be recruiting.”

Cloud Distribution is tasked with developing Trusted Knight’s presence in the UK and is currently recruiting a limited number of 10 specialist cloud security-focused partners to drive revenue growth.

According to Gartner, the global WAF market size is estimated at $420 million with 24% annual growth and 60% of all public facing websites being protected by a WAF by 2020. According to Technavio, the DDoS market will grow at an annual rate of over 22% until 2019 when the market size in EMEA is expected to be worth $475 million.

As well as the Cloud-DMZ solution, Cloud Distribution will also have access to Trusted Knight Protector – end point protection solutions. Protector disables the key-logging and data-stealing capabilities of crimeware making it impossible to steal critical corporate or user credentials.

“Organisations are starting to realise that conventional web applications firewalls are an out-of-date tactic in a new world of cybercrime. Cloud-DMZ provides an advanced alternative which addresses critical WAF deficiencies by using active learning, active content serving and cloud replication,” said Joseph Patanella, CEO, Trusted Knight. “Trusted Knight were keen to partner with Cloud Distribution as they are renown for bringing cloud-delivered, easily-deployed, disruptive technology to market. The exceptional sales, service and marketing support they offer partners along with our innovative technology will rapidly drive our growth in the UK market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine