Colibria and Movial to make group based communication a reality

Colibria, a global provider of new generation IM and presence solutions, has announced its collaboration with Movial, a company that inspires rich, intuitive internet experiences, to launch an enhanced messaging solution aimed at addressing the messaging requirements of North American mobile operators.

The enhanced messaging solution, aligned with the requirements of the CTIA Enhanced Messaging Initiative, will provide support for group-based conversations allowing users to create adhoc groups enabling spontaneous one to many and many to many conversations. The solution integrates Colibria’s Evolve Messaging and Enrich Presence product portfolios with Movial’s Communicator Mobile and PC clients.

The Enhanced Messaging solution will provide mobile operators with the capability to deploy new revenue generating enhancements to existing SMS services.

SMS services have seen traffic volumes increase almost 400% in the past three years throughout North America. Portio Research has predicted that SMS traffic volumes for 2008 in North America are likely to exceed 340 billion, up from 85 billion in 2005. The ability for a mobile operator to incorporate a group-based communication capability is paramount to ensure that this forecast growth becomes a reality.

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