CommSoft on the Move

CommSoft have announced their move to new offices after five years in their previous building, which was dramatically flooded last year. CommSoft re-locate to the new offices at Vale Business Park, Evesham on 1st August 2008.

'We are very excited about our new state of the art offices, as the building is very eye catching and has won a design award – its certainly one of the most prestigious buildings in the area' says Bonnie Church, Sales & Marketing Director. 'We had real issues with flooding last year in our old location and we wanted to move out of the 'flood zone' as we sustained quite a bit of damage last year, along with many business in the town. The new building reflects our corporate image with its cutting edge design, modernity and even our company colours in the expanse of blue glass. Along with training rooms and meeting rooms, we have a light flooded atrium where we can also project presentations onto a huge wall – or staff can watch key sporting events in style on Sky TV, out of office hours of course!, ' she adds.

All sales, marketing and accounts staff are currently based at the CommSoft Evesham head office, while technical support and development remains at the Bracknell office, although CommSoft are also looking to move to new premises in Bracknell as they have outgrown the current offices. 'We are looking for the 'right' building in the Bracknell area' says Bonnie Church, 'but this is a tall order, finding on site parking and the right amount of space remains elusive but we hope to make some announcements soon' she adds.

CommSoft will notify all manufacturer partners, distributors and dealers of the new address details in writing and they look forward to welcoming visitors in the coming months.

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