Comvurgent Launches MP3-Based Call Recording Solution

Comvurgent, a developer of digital call recording solutions, has announced the immediate availability of their SD Recorder. This new single channel system brings the technology commonly used in MP3 players to the professional telephone call recording market and offers a storage capacity of up to 340 hours using standard SD memory cards. With a retail price of just £149, it provides a cost effective call recording solution for smaller organisations and individual users in larger corporate environments.

“With 2Gb SD cards available for as little as £15, the new SD Recorder provides smaller offices with cheap, long-term records of all their calls whilst eliminating all the tape handling and storage issues that have traditionally restricted the use of entry level recording systems,” commented Phil Hill, CEO of Comvurgent. “We are offering attractive margins giving resellers a real opportunity to enter the growing market for call recording.”

Comvurgent has designed the new SD Recorder for use in both analogue and digital environments. It is compatible with all PABXs and standard IP phones as well as including an external connection for a Bluetooth wireless adapter to record calls made with mobile phones. The SD Recorder is mains or battery powered and operates without needing to be connected to a PC.

A built-in LCD display shows details such as CLI, date, time and duration of all recorded calls enabling specific recordings to be quickly located and replayed through the built-in speaker or a headset. Recordings can also be transferred to a PC for playback, management and longer-term archiving using Comvurgent’s XtR desktop software, which is included as part of the package. This provides powerful search and retrieval functionality as well as enabling recordings to be emailed or exported as .wav files. The SD Recorder is also compatible with Comvurgent’s comprehensive range of supervisor management applications, which includes Call Manager, Call Reporter Supervisor and Call Reporter Pro.

Comvurgent’s new SD Recorder will also meet the requirements of call centre agent training and assessment applications. Supervisors can instantly review calls with agents or analyse them later on a PC where comments can be attached to individual recordings.

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