Conferencing Now Core to Business Communications

John Howard, Executive Director, EMEA Unified Communications & Collaboration, Logitech says video conferencing can no longer be badged as a luxury or gimmick; it presents a genuine business case, allowing firms to increase productivity and efficiency.

“Businesses with widespread video users, for example, can experience accelerated decision making and improved customer service by increasing productivity across dispersed teams. Regardless of their job role, all employees need a combination of software, hardware and peripherals to personalise their experience and make them most effective at their jobs. High-quality webcams and headsets that integrate with video communications technology—and which are specific to certain use cases—can significantly improve performance by ensuring workers are comfortable with their environment.

Embedded cameras in corporate laptops can deliver a truly shocking experience compared to the high quality possible and experienced by staff in their homes and mobile devices. High definition corporate webcams that not only address the quality issue but bring useful business features – such as a wide field of view allowing multiple people to participate on one end of a video call – can go some way to addressing this challenge and improve adoption.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine