Connexion2 announces launch of Identicom mobile

Connexion2 has announced the launch of Identicom mobile, a new product that allows a user to access much of the functionality available on the Identicom lone worker device (LWD) but on a Blackberry smartphone.

Identicom mobile is compliant with Section 5.2.1 of BS8484 and is easy to install on a Blackberry through a simple application download. This enables a user to obtain the necessary help if they become a victim of verbal abuse; attack or they feel their safety could be compromised.

As the manufacturer of the Identicom LWD, Connexion2 understands that a one size fits all solution is not applicable to all organisations. Certain categories of lone worker will only face risk infrequently, which may not necessarily dictate the provision of a dedicated device. In such instances, the suitability of a mobile-based lone worker application becomes apparent, especially when combined with the fact that many UK workers now carry a Blackberry or other smartphone device.

Identicom mobile affords a lone worker many of the features and benefits of the Identicom LWD but specifically caters for workers who face infrequent social risk. The software utilises the same function terminology as Identicom, such as ‘Amber Alert’ and ‘Red Alert’, providing ease of use across a range of workers who might be using a mix of dedicated and non-dedicated devices. Identicom mobile also allows the user to automatically open a ‘Red Alert’ through a definable single Blackberry key for ease of use in the face of verbal abuse or attack, even when the key lock is deployed.

Although Identicom mobile is available as a stand alone product, it can also be integrated with Connexion2’s new Online Tracking Application. This allows a lone worker to benefit from improved safety and their manager to better facilitate operations through the provision of detailed location tracking data. The online tracking application allows for the creation of definable Geo-fences, the plotting of a users breadcrumb trail of movement and direction, and the facility to view a user’s location at street view level.

Craig Swallow, CEO of Connexion2, commented: “Identicom mobile enables a wider scope of lone workers to benefit from peace of mind knowing that their employer is their taking duty of care seriously and that should the worst happen, they are not alone.”

As well as the launch of Identicom mobile and its subsequent availability within SoloProtect, Connexion2 has announced that the current SoloProtect range is to be further expanded with the addition of the t-Series Identicom range, a new variant of Identicom that allows comprehensive location data to be stored and accessed providing increased safety and tangible business benefits. t-Series products also integrate with Connexion2’s online tracking application.

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