Cosmetics Company to report its environmental impact with sustainability software

Lush is known for its efforts to campaign on environmental issues with staff and customers and to reduce its environmental impact in product design, manufacturing and selling. Lush has now chosen CloudApps as its sustainable software provider to help organise data collection and improve reporting.

The CloudApps’ Sustainability Suite captures and discloses the company’s complete ‘environmental footprint’, which includes measurements on water and energy use, travel, waste generation and packaging across all 102 stores, 8 main offices and 8 factory sites in the UK.

Lush’s commitment to the environment starts in the innovation and design of its handmade cosmetics, 62% of which are package free. They have turned conventional packaged items ‘naked’ as seen in one of their popular products, the solid shampoo bar. The items that are packaged are done so in 100% recycled material, and customers are able to be part of a closed loop scheme, returning used Lush black pots to their local Lush shops, as well as their plastic bottle tops to be recycled internally.

Lush also works hard to reduce its environmental impact in reducing energy usage in the factory, recycling 85% of waste, retro fitting shops for better efficiency, banning domestic flights, and installing renewable energy systems.

All this hard work needs to be monitored somehow, which is where CloudApps software comes into play. By partnering with CloudApps, Lush is setting the next level in environmental management on the high street and will be able to achieve further carbon savings.

Peter Grant, CEO CloudApps said: “We are delighted that Lush has taken this step, they are once again proving their leadership in the retail industry.
As a brand leader and in tight economic times, Lush realises that this is a straightforward way to reduce outgoings and further differentiate its already strong brand.”

Ruth Andrade, Lush Environmental Officer said : “At Lush, we know there is always more to do. With CloudApps’ solution we are to accurately measure, analyse and report our total operational impact in real-time. The solution allows us to manage accurately to the sustainability goals we have signed up to that will both benefit the environment we live in and reduce our operational costs.”

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