CTI Group Launches Analysis 7

CTI Group, a provider of ebilling analytics, VoIP, call recording and call management applications, has announced the launch of Analysis 7, the latest release of its market-leading bill analysis tool. The billing analytics tool enables telco’s offering traditional and converged services an easy to way to present complex bills to their customers

Analysis 7 is database and platform independent and scales to suit each user’s needs, whether they be private or large enterprise consumers; making for a highly flexible tool, attractive to telcos of all sizes worldwide. The product has been designed to be implemented either as a standalone solution or as a complementary addition to existing online services and portals.

Dubbed as a ‘plug and play’ solution, Analysis 7 has been built in a way that permits a fast implementation, yet offers users high-end functionality above that of similar offerings from big players in the market. The solution is intuitive with visual icons that make it an easy to use application from the off. As a pure billing analysis tool the new version of Analysis 7 provides users with a full service in a matter of weeks.

By taking the call data from access points, the application delivers this information directly to end users for their records. Users can simply log in online and gain secure, access to data at the click of a button; a method which telco’s are increasingly requiring as a preferred cost effective and more eco-friendly way to access and deliver bills. Users can customise the solution to suit their individual needs and by compiling bespoke reports they can rebrand data as their own, as and when required. By giving a transparent view of their customers’ phone usage, providers can improve their understanding and relations with end users and deliver enhanced customer service.

Andy Wilson, CTI Group’s VP Sales and Marketing comments: “In the current economic climate companies are looking to cut costs where they can and find ‘greener’ ways of working, so it’s more important than ever for them to gain control over their bills, not only for landlines but for mobile devices and other converged services too. The mobile handset extends services way beyond traditional voice calls nowadays, with users accessing the Internet and downloading additional services or add-ons. It is therefore essential to provide customers with split-billing as a way to refine personal and business usage, highlighting premium rate calls or extracurricular activity and charge accordingly.

On a consumer level, Analysis 7 allows telcos to add value beyond tariff competition by giving a more granular breakdown of customers’ use as well as improving their ultimate dialogue and relationship with the end users.”

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